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Welcome to 1nferno, a gathering place for the malignant souls of the damned. Conveniently located in Yeti, a Rappelz server crawling with all forms of deviant behavior, our members should feel right at home! As a home for the sinful, we allow PK. This is, though, under certain circumstances (see Rules for details) and comes with the understanding that if you were first to PK you are not allowed to ask for the assistance of the guild if the victims come back to avenge themselves. You will also be required to do whatever is necessary to be sure your actions do not hinder the guild; this includes allowing yourself to be PKed once and only once by the victim/the victim’s guild/the victim’s friends as compensation. We run our legions like a democracy, everyone has a say. However, if a decision cannot be reached the choice becomes Mistress Cuatlaca’s. All moles, trolls, and pests whom trouble our minions without provocation will be flogged and unceremoniously tossed off a cliff into nightmare realm from which there is no waking.
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Feb 22, 2010 at 10:59 PM
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GZ on CV1!

Was a long tough battle but we came out on top! good job everyone! :)